WACUHO Executive Committee Election Timeline

WACUHO Executive Committee Candidates

Andy Garate, (he/him/his)

Candidate for President-Elect

Associate Director for Administration and Conference  Services, Housing and Residential Engagement

California State University, Fullerton


Professional Experience:  

I served as a Residence Life Coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona for 3 years. I have been at CSUF for  5 years, where I started as an Assistant Director for Residential Engagement. Worked on  recruitment, selection, advising, and large-scale programming. I moved to the Administration side in 2019 where I currently serve as the Associate Director. Overseeing occupancy,  technology, marketing, business operations, and summer conferences. 


WACUHO Experience:  

WACUHO Committee Member Experience:  

  • New Pros – 2016 & 2017  

  • WACE Host - 2016  

  • Nominations Committee – 2017  

  • WACE Marketing and Registration – 2018  

WACUHO Chair Experience:  

  • WACE Marketing and Registration Co-Chair - 2019  

WACUHO Exec Experience:  

  • WACUHO Technology and Communications Coordinator – 2019-2021 

Why are you interested in the above stated position?

I am running for President-Elect because I believe that the time is right for me to best serve the association in  this role. WACUHO’s future will depend on the strength of its engaged members, and I am ready to find  creative ways to do that. I want to bring more voices to the conversation, reach out in unprecedented ways, and keep us engaged year round. WACUHO as an association has worked hard to ensure our infrastructure is  sound but now we need to make sure we are putting forward our efforts to find new ways to reach our  members.

Roger Becker, (he/him/his)

Candidate for President-Elect

University of California, Irvine and Residence Life Coordinator


Professional Experience:

  • Residence Life Coordinator, UC Irvine

  • Instructor for Social Ecology 74A/B/C, Moral Development and Just Community, UC Irvine 

  • Student Development Coordinator, UC Irvine 


WACUHO Experience 

  • 2019-2021: Treasurer

  • 2018-2019: Member at Large, South 

  • 2013-2014: WACE Program Committee 

  • 2013-2014: Southern RAP Co-Chair (2014)

  • 2013 Western Training Institute (WTI) Attendee 

  • 2012-2013: WACUHO Joan F. Mortell Western Training Institute Award Recipient 

  • 2012-2013: Equity and Diversity Awareness Award Recipient 

  • 2011-2013: Southern RAP Committee Member 

  • 2011-2013: Equity and Diversity Awareness Committee Member (2012, 2013)

  • 2011-2013: New Professionals Committee Member (2011, 2012, 2013)

  • 2011-2012: New Professionals ACUHO-I Annual Conference Award Recipient 

Why are you interested in the above stated position?

In 2008, I was introduced to WACUHO as a Southern RAP participant. In 2021, I am completing my second year as the Association's Treasurer. Over these past 13 years, I’ve learned so much and found a community in WACUHO! During my three years on the executive committee, I’ve gained an understanding of the complexities of the Association - from the administrative aspects of our finances, collaboration with ACUHO-I, and helping to steer us through a global pandemic. As President, I want to share the knowledge and love of this Association to help guide us in the recovery and growth of this community.


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March 29-31

Floor is open for nominations!

April 1-4

The Nominations Committee confirms floor nominees

April 6-13

On-line voting takes place (email is sent to Senior Housing Officers)

April 14

New Executive Board announced at the business meeting



Dr. Robin A. Gore, (she/her/hers) 

Candidate for Vice President

Pepperdine University, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Housing Operations 


Professional Experience: 

  • Fiscal responsibility for $40M income for the university. 

  • Responsible for all of Housing and Residence Life operations, processes, developments, and programs. 

  • Direct supervision of Director of Residence Life and Housing Operations Staff; indirect supervision of Residence Life professional and paraprofessional staff. 

  • Oversee financial operations of on-campus dining contracts. Oversee meal plan coordination and billing for five colleges, and subsequent oversight of six dining venues’ hours and operations. 

  • Responsible for the occupancy management system to ensure high levels of occupancy for all five schools at Pepperdine; including facilitating housing application, assignment, and room change processes for 2500 beds. 

  • Ultimate responsibility for relations and communication with key integrated areas included but not limited to Department of Design & Construction/Planning Operations & Construction, Department of Facilities Services, Camps & Conferences, Office of Student Accessibility, Student Care Team, Admissions/Enrollment, Pepperdine’s five college Deans and administrative staff. 

  • Serve on COVID-19 Compliance Task Force 

  • Serve as integral member of the Student Care Team 

  • Serve on International Student Advisory Council 

  • Serve on Student Affairs Diversity Council 

  • Resilience-Informed Skills Education (RISE) Coach 

  • ESTJ with Strengths identified as achiever, futuristic, significance, activator, and strategic. 

  • Research topics: generational differences and supervising the next generation, gender and pay equality in the workplace, double bind for women in leadership, Title IX. 


WACUHO Experience: 

Though newer to the WACUHO region, I have served on the Program committee and have presented several times in the UMR-ACUHO region. Additionally, I have current ACUHO-I involvement including serving on the Research Committee as a Funded Research Grant Reviewer, Spring 2021; serving as an expert for the CAS Housing and Residence Life Revision Committee, 2021; and serving as a STARS College Faculty member on a two-year term, 2021-2022. 

Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

With my years of experience, skill set, and personality strengths, I will be a great asset to WACUHO in the role of Vice President. I look forward to getting to know folks within the association by coordinating the committee volunteer process. Additionally, I look forward to serving on and coordinating the Associations By-Laws committee and revision process. I have a hope and desire to further ensure our bylaws are in line to serve our delegation in times of crisis, distress, and unforeseen circumstances; while having a watchful eye to ensure our historically minoritized populations are thoroughly represented within these structures.


Joshelyn Ramirez, (she/her/ella)

Candidate for Treasurer

California State University, Monterey Bay, Residential Life Coordinator, East Campus

Professional Experience:

  •  Residential Life Coordinator at CSUMB - January 2019 to present;

  • Area Coordinator at University of Vermont - July 2017 to January 2019;

  • Residence Director at University of Vermont – July 2016 to June 2017


WACUHO Experience:

  • Member at Large North - liaison with Student Leadership Zoom-in and Assessment committees, 2020-2021;

  • Northern Student Leadership Drive-in Chair, 2019-2020;

  • Women of WACUHO Member, 2019-2020;

  • Task Force on Equity and Inclusion Member, 2019-2020

Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

I am an enthusiastic candidate for the Treasurer role because I am confident my strengths as a detail-oriented, organized leader make me a great fit. I am also keenly aware of how important our identity-driven committees, such as Women of WACUHO and WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color, and annual conferences are for the continued development of WACUHO through my engagement. I want to continue advocating for these efforts on the financial side by utilizing my experience on the Executive Committee, to serve as an active team member working with the budget to make it an accessible tool for all.


Beth Little, (she/her/hers)

Candidate for Secretary

Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

The role of Secretary is one I've thoroughly enjoyed! My strong administrative and organizational skills compliment the position while I get the opportunity to connect and learn from those around me! Maintaining accurate notes and documentation of the work our Executive Committee completes is vital for transparency to the region as well as to serve as a reference point for leaders to come. I am excited to pursue this opportunity for another year to not only serve WACUHO but also to aid in our path forward as we focus on the future of the Association and build towards it.

Hi WACUHO! My name is Beth Little (she/her) and I currently serve as the Assistant Director of Residential Life for Care and Support at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB)! I am so very fortunate to accept the nomination for the role of Secretary on the WACUHO Executive Committee for the 21-22 year. In the past, I've had the opportunity to serve WACUHO as an Exec member as the Secretary (20-21) and Chair for the Task Force on Equity and Inclusion (19-20), Co-Chair for the Committee of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (18-19) and also served as a committee members for various groups (17-19). I've also been fortunate to serve CSUMB as a live-in Community Director prior to my current role and have been a student affairs professional since 2014. 




Abdel Amador II, (he/him/el) 

Candidate for Member-at-Large South

San Diego State University - Residence Hall Coordinator 


Professional Experience: 

I believe that Residential Education and Housing are at the core of co-curricular experiences for our students, which is why my whole professional experience has been dedicated to these departments. I have worked at both Humboldt State University and San Diego State University. 


WACUHO Experience: 

I first attended WACE in 2018, where I first experienced what WACUHO was all about. Shortly thereafter, I decided to be part of this incredible group and joined WACUHO Network of Professionals of Color. The next year, I became its co-chair. This last year, I became part of the Executive Board by serving as the Member at Large for the Southern Region. 


Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

Being part of the Executive Board this year was a great experience. I got a chance to get to know incredible colleagues across the region who have inspired me to be a better professional. I also had the chance to work on the innovative virtual Student Leader Zoom In for this year. I am interested in this position again as I would love to use the knowledge I have acquired this year to make next year even better when we can all cheer, hug and give each other handshakes again.

Gabriella Ruiz, (she/her/hers)

Candidate for Member-at-Large South

Residence Hall Coordinator, San Diego State University


Professional Experience: 

Assistant Resident Director, Success Coach, (graduate school University of the Pacific) Residence Hall Coordinator at San Diego State University


WACUHO Experience:

2019-2020 Southern Student Leadership Drive-In: Committee member

2020-2021: Student Leader Zoom-In Conference Chair

Last year I attended my first Women of WACUHO conference and it was a great experience with a group of women - who were in the profession and in this career - because they care - and this conference was an opportunity for us to meet in a safe space with no pressure to “market ourselves” and for us really to just get to know each other and share our love for students in higher education.

Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

I joined Southern Student Leader Drive In (SSDLI) by accident. In all honesty, I was invited to sit in a meeting by the MAL at the time - and was immediately thrown into the fire of planning this conference - and I loved it. Oftentimes, I have felt there can be a disconnect from folks in the executive board and new professionals. I was lucky and got to join a welcoming committee that helped guide me on the intricacies of WACUHO and SSLDI. I want to be a part of WACUHO to learn more, pay it forward, and help bridge the gap for new professionals.



Andre Kenichi Philippo (he/him/his)  

Candidate for Member-at-Large Central

California State University, Northridge, Community Director on Duty / Contact Tracker  

Professional Experience: 

  • 10+ years in Student Affairs and Residential Life & Student Conduct 

  • University of California, Los Angeles – Residential Life  

  • Marymount California University – Residential Life 

  • California State University, Northridge – Residential Life | Student Health Center 


WACUHO Experience: 

  • Central RAP (SLDI) Committee Member - 2012-2018

  • Central RAP (SLDI) Co-chair 2016/17  

  • WACE Committee Member – 2016

  • New Pros Committee Member - 2019-2020

Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

WACUHO has provided connections with folx I never would have met, life-long mentors, and a trusting family that understands the challenges in our work while continuously striving to improve. As MAL - Central, I hope to continue to cultivate old and new connections, and liaise between groups to strengthen education within the field. I hope to pass my transformational experience in WACUHO forward to others through this role. Dr. Kafele Khalfani stated, “Next year is going to be one of our defining years,” and I’m all about defining moments, so I hope to help define WACUHO as MAL - Central.  

Laura Merchant, (she/her/hers)

Candidate for Member-at-Large Central

Assistant Director Residential Experience, University of Southern California

Professional Experience:

  •  Program Coordinator for Graduate Students and Academic Success, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Residential Life, 2011-2012

  • Resident Director, University of California Riverside (UCR) Residential Life, 2012-2018

  • Assistant Director Residential Experience, University of Southern California (USC) Residential Education, 2018-present


WACUHO Experience:

  • I’ve been a member of various committees every year since 2012, and have attended WACE every year since 2013. My first exposure was attending Central RAP as a student.

  • Southern RAP (now Southern SLD), WACE Programs, WACE Host, President’s Task Force on Equity and Inclusion, WACE Marketing & Registration, Women of WACUHO.

  • Currently I am part of the Women of WACUHO and Marketing & Registration committees.

Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

Hello WACUHO! My name is Laura and I’m running for MAL Central. Over the past nine years WACUHO has felt like a professional home for me. As I’ve attended WACE conferences and served on committees, I’ve been blessed to be mentored by awesome professionals who’ve encouraged me to give back. I’ve felt validated in my identities through conversations and various involvements, and ready to lean in to leadership to now serve in a greater capacity. I’m excited to liaise with the Central region institutions, ready to stretch myself professionally, and serve this association to the best of my ability.

Tanya Yancheson, (she/her/hers)

Candidate for Member-at-Large Central

​CSU Channel Islands, Interim Lead Coordinator of Conference Services & Marketing Initiatives

I have worked in Student Housing for 8 years working predominantly with Residential Education programs in various positions with Resident Advisors, Residence Hall Association, and Desk Assistants. I have had the more recent opportunity to work with our Housing Services in marketing and summer conference programs. 


I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve on a few years of Central Rap Committees and Co-Chaired the 2017 Central Rap hosted by CSU Channel Islands. I have been honored to serve a couple of years with the Women of WACUHO. While I have been out of the WACUHO engagement the past few years as I transitioned to PACURH to support the Residence Hall Association, and the immerse myself into the Summer Conference programming of my new role, WACUHO was my first experience with professional organizations and has provided the opportunity for me to meet many amazing people. 

Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

I love to serve and enjoy serving my campus and local community. This role incorporates a differing level of service and provides the ability to contribute my experience and perspective to our regional organization. My goals are to increase transparency, hold ourselves accountable, advocate for voices not able to contribute to the moment, and be welcoming and engaging to everyone. I hope to continue to adapt organizational culture to current needs and priorities, increase inclusivity, engage in difficult discussions, and provide a welcoming and engaging platform for Housing professionals to learn and flourish in a supportive environment. 


Thank you for your consideration!



Savanah Headstone, (she/her/hers) 

Candidate for Member-at-Large North

Coordinator for Residential Education at UC Santa  Cruz 

Professional Experience: 

  • Coordinator of Residential Education at UC Santa Cruz for 5 years

  • Acting Associate Director, Residential Education at UC Santa Cruz for 4 ½  months 

  • Community Director at Arizona State University for 2 years 


WACUHO Experience: 

  • Current Student Leader Zoom-In Tri-Chair  

  • Northern Student Leadership Drive-In committee member 2019-2020 

Why are you interested in the above stated position? 

I’m currently one of the Tri-Chairs for the Student Leader Zoom-In, which has been a very  rewarding experience being able to create a unique experience for our student leaders through the  pandemic while also working with such a talented group of professionals. I know a large part of  this role is to liaise for Nothern Student Leader Drive In (NSLDI) which I am excited for as I know that there are many changes  occurring in the world, Student Affairs, and WACUHO that not only impact NSLDI, but our  students, and colleagues and I want to be able to provide support and guidance throughout this  time. 

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