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Spirit Guidelines

The Student Leadership Zoom-in committee will look for school pride, cheers, positive team attitude, sharing and creativity of memorabilia, and anything else that would make us smile or acknowledge a person’s effort as spirit. The school delegation with the most spirit will win the coveted Northern Drive-in Spirit stick! 



This year, our philanthropy project is to support our front-line workers in hospitals across the state of California. We are asking that each conference attendee submit at least one virtual note or card to be passed along to our listing of regional hospitals. Based on each respective hospital's policies regarding physical donations/gifts, we will either print and mail your notes and cards or send them digitally. We are truly so thankful and indebted to these individuals more so than ever so please make sure your cards and notes are intentional and feel free to submit as many cards as you like. Philanthropy IS a spirit component of our conference's spirit criteria where points are awarded based on the number of delegates that submit a note/card. It is also a small token of our appreciation for the risks and sacrifices these individuals have given.





Our Office Hours are:

Mondays: 5:30am-2:30pm/PST

Tuesdays- Fridays: 5:30am-3:00pm/PST

Phone Number: 614-398-2085


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